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oh my god ^^

2008-04-18 20:17:14 by TAUfanatic

the best happened to me today........

first its like this,my hobby is that I paint these models,I had brought my models to school today to show my friends,anyways there's this girl I like.......I thought she looked particually nice throughout the day I was checking her out,(which for me is always a good thing =) and around the time we were getting back from lunch,I had asked her if she wanted to see my models....anyway the school day was over and my teacher had given me a cookie,he had this other cookie that the girl I like asked him to save for,my best friend pcnaruto had taken my cookie and ran out with it,I got pissed off and as we went back he reminded a certain girl about her cookie......which therefore reminded her to see my models.......she saw them and well.....SHE LIKED THEM!!! I haven't been that happy since I......well.....I can't think of anything! so afterwards my friend told me what he did and (believe it or not) I actually hugged him........I actually cried out of my happiness..........if you're thinking that my crush is fake,well fuck you allright! my crying should be an indication that this was real.......I am so happy at this moment =)

Warhammer 40,000 (.....or at least I had hoped so)

2008-04-07 17:51:11 by TAUfanatic

post all your 40k related comments here....either that or if you are usually on my page then we can just talk about something else. O.o

*sigh* I am probably going to update this a couple times so here the update(s) listed

some armored core videos.....

armored core 3

armored core last raven

My BBS's are going here......

wow......I made a bbs about THIS?

Books n' stuff

40k mmorpg

AC/DC is my favorite band so I'm gonna post sum video's here....

hells bells,my favorite song of all!

Back in Black!!!!!!

thunderstruck.....its a classic ^^

I was born with a stiff....*sniff*...stiff upper lip...

oh yeah and I bought this new book so here's its cover. =)

Warhammer 40,000 (.....or at least I had hoped so)


2008-03-30 23:17:44 by TAUfanatic

I have FINNALY won a game of warhammer 40,000!!!! I've played many games and they all end the heatwave cadre,(as I have lovingly named my Tau army) FINNALY beat my dad's space marines...."the emperor's finest?" I THINK NOT!!! BWAH-HA-HA-HAAAAA!!!!!!!! And you know what else? passion for the Tau are back......(haven't yelled this in a while)..........FOR THE GREATER GOOD!!!!

and if you are interested in warhammer 40,000 then click this link for my 40k of many to appear in the N.G. forums

and here's my other 40k forum......lets just say I "vented" >:(

UPDATE: here's a cool video I found,the intro is confusing but trust me,it gets good,two words....Armored Core

ANOTHER UPDATE: my bbs regarding all my noob questions

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: here's my questioning sex bbs.

I also changed my pic,I hope you guys like it =)


do you have a special someone?

2008-03-25 23:25:28 by TAUfanatic

for those who usually are here know that there's this girl i really my question is YOU have a special someone......(zack 1257 I KNOW what you are thinking)

and here's a link to my bbs regarding this topic

UPDATE: here's another link to another bbs of mine....its 40k related just to let you people know so click here

ANOTHER UPDATE:here's a cool 40k pic

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: could you guys,(and girls) actually respond to "do you have a special someone?" It would be greatly appriciated


do you have a special someone?

space marine names

2008-03-17 20:36:46 by TAUfanatic

for those of you who don't visit here a lot, I am into warhammer 40,000....there's these guys called the space marines and here are some names I've got......(the list is for no actual reason,I just felt like making it)

My five favorite names

1. Claudius (if I were a space marine,I'd want this name)
2.Mathius (if I couldn't get claudius,I'd want this name)
3.Loken (and Garviel)

My actual list,(alphabatised)

Adoni Alaric Angelos Antonius Archis Atomos
Baldur Bardiel Bethor
Cardios Carom Claudius Clostus
Dvorn Dracos
Eli Ezekyle
Fenix Fluvius Fred Fyrer
Gabriel Genobee Golven
Hakon Haulvarn Henk Hrolf
Kagoe Kain Karlin Kjel
Lazaris Locath Loki Ludovicus Lucius Lykkos
Marcus Maldarus Marfocious Maverick Methadon Mobius
Octavious Oden
Ragnar Revier
Sirius Sutar
Tancred Tarik Thor

and that's all I've comment if they are good,(or bad) and if you have a good space marine name, tell me and I'll submit it onto my list.(for my eventual grey knight army) and the picture is to let you people know what space marines look like. (UPDATE!!!! I started a bbs for this,so here's a link)

space marine names


2008-03-11 21:42:01 by TAUfanatic

so yeah......the other day,there's this girl I like,she did this kind of striptease thing in class so at P.E. I teased her and said "I have singles".........lmao-ed afterwards......and at lunch,the funniest thing happened(even funnier,it involved her) I was playing around with my friends,I accidently said to one of them,"stop playing with yourself!"...........we all burst out laughing and we kept it going,eventually I yelled out "YESSSS!!!!" in this loud,sexy tone,RIGHT as the girl I like walked was completly accidental so I had nothing to feel sorry about and ended Rolling On The Floor Laughing............hilarious

OME!!!!!(OH MY EMPEROR!!!!!)

2008-02-29 20:00:30 by TAUfanatic

anyone who visits my page normally knows how I have a major crush on this girl.....well things are going great!!!! the other day we had a science test,my science teacher puts up dividers for us all,and we tend to write in them.....she found one I had written on before and wrote back on it.(she said hi,OMG to my 40k comments, and called me a dork,but hell, I am) the next day.....I wrote "I LOVE _____" on the board (in tau language) and "blessed be the warriors!" (all 40k stuff) she tried to be funny a erased it and wrote "erased by _____...........P.S. I love food" and I yelled to her "WHY'D YOU ERASE IT!!!" and it was hilarious that she simply walked away and smiled......yesterday we went to a play for a field trip(so she looked very nice that day) and she sat at the front......where I could see her in the mirror at the front,I waved hi and she waved back. AND today,we ran the mile at school, I think she was "checking me out" while I ran.....hell yeah......and I got a chance to say hello in person,she said hi back and called me by name!!!! things are going better!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO(and she had a Led Zeppiln T-shirt today.....she looked cute in it) yes.....compared to the way things had used to be after I f***** things up.....the situations going great!!

....I think I have to kill myself....

2008-02-26 22:54:34 by TAUfanatic

I don't know what I just did.......there is this girl whom I like (if you visit my page often you know my situation, if not please visit my past posts) and she e-mailed me why I like her, and I actually answered her.......I don't know if I should feel better because this may help my situation,hate myself because I doomed myself....or simply feel nothing at all......I am confused right now and I don't know what to feel or think about the thought of her and me......

MY 40K ARMY!!!!

2008-02-25 00:08:05 by TAUfanatic

I paint Tau for warhammer 40,000 and my pathfinders are nearly finished!!!! ( the pic below is NOT my actual pathfinders.....they are just an example to show what they look like) FOR THE GREATER GOOD!!!!!!!

MY 40K ARMY!!!!

I am bored.....

2008-02-22 21:39:29 by TAUfanatic

I have nothing to post.....comment on my blurb, my userpic, ask me about warhammer 40,000....or simply get to know me, post whatever really.(the picture's from funny junk if you're wondering)

I am bored.....