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Still have that awesome AC model

2010-04-16 20:56:31 by TAUfanatic

and I painted it too,
all black with gray highlights, and some red on the lights on the model
the weapons are pretty much silver, whether its dark or light

I don't think the picture does it justice at all, I can take pics of my normal models with my phone but this guy is too big for that -_-

still cool I think

Still have that awesome AC model

Just finished putting it together yesterday, and took some pics earlier (I wish I had a better camera)

some background information I guess, The model is AC unit Dual Face, piloted by Genobee, (out of the video game armored core Nexus)
the mech is armed with a rifle, a laser blade (sword) and two grenade launchers (that might as well be cannons)

well here's a pic, like I said I wish I had a better camera than the one from my phone...

I bought an Armored Core Model

feeling better

2010-03-03 19:10:58 by TAUfanatic

in fact that girl can just suck it, she said she wanted to stay friends but she's not making an effort to talk to me so why should I care?

I feel backstabbed, and unbelieveably I can forgive some extent, but if she doesn't seem to care about me why should I care about her?

I feel awesome :D


2010-02-22 19:14:42 by TAUfanatic

there's a friend of mine I've liked for a while, her name's Monica, today we were talking and I asked out a while back, then I asked her again today and we were talking...

she told me that she was already talking to someone else. I've been through a lot because of her, she moved away, which hit me hard, then she moved back, and I felt like a got a second chance. Lots of other things but now its official, nothing's going to happen.

I feel so.....used? I know she didn't mess with me, or mess with my head or anything, I just hate how everything I did to try and get closer was wasted...

every fucking time...

I'm a teenager

2010-02-20 00:14:52 by TAUfanatic

in less than one day life can be great, horrible, and just damn near confusing
school has been going well, doing pretty well with my friends, and things with a certain someone seem to be going smoothly

zune is fully functional
xbox is working fine
phone is constantly charged...

things seem to be going well, well I need some more models to paint but thats about it

(and here's a picture of me in my soviet hat, just because)

I'm a teenager

whats new...

2010-01-16 14:56:18 by TAUfanatic

well my birthday was on the 9th so I'm 16 now....
my "friend" has moved back so we'll see what happens (read a couple posts back to see whats going on)

and I recently bough Armored Core 4 and I must say I'm getting back into armored core, the mechs aren't as cool as the old AC3 generation mechs were but I like them.
its still fun and the mechs look good, thats all I wanted and I'm finally getting my mech fiz after a year of Gears,CoD, and Halo

I'm also also working on the Imperial Guard army, I'm working on a Valkyrie and a Leman Russ at the moment

and I felt like including two songs from armored core, just because ;)

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now I'm more confused.....

2009-12-23 16:04:20 by TAUfanatic

I was talking to Monica on myspace, she says she's moving back.....
I sent her a message telling her how I felt (it was very emotional, I'll put it that way) and she replied to me "I'm coming back january 5th (:"

is this a sign? I can't think straight about it since I'm already in shock that she's going to be back...
I know for sure I feel better now, at least I don't have to worry about how she is since she sounds happy about it

videos are unrelated, they're from the armored core series and I think they sound pretty awesome

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well I'm doing better...

2009-12-16 20:10:00 by TAUfanatic

I still miss that girl, as a friend though. As the girl I had feelings for I'm trying to forget her, as a friend I hope I might see her again someday and that she's doing well...
I'm talking to this girl I liked from last year,I don't want to get into a relationship or anything,not now anyways, but I'm hoping it'll take my mind off of my friend...

so many things are confusing right now...I'm hoping things will get better for everyone

well,there was a friend of mine her name was monica
I met her freshman year in health class,one day we started talking and things were cool.At some point things for me grew and I started to like her

summer vacation I was trying to hang outwith her,go out on a date or anything,then I had a dumbass friend who told her I liked her and I was sure I was screwed,I was wrong and at registration she said hi to me,she could've just igored me but she chose not to,things were cool

sophmore year I was still trying to get to know her better,I hung out with her and her friends and I was cooler with her.I finally decided it was time to ask her out.....

Lately she hasn't been to school lately and I was getting worried for her,is she sick? did something happen? the last time I saw her was on tuesday last week and I was about to ask her out she told me she already had plans,I told her it was allright and I said bye........that was the last time I saw her

today I just found out she moved to mexico,her family couldn't afford their house so they got kicked out and are now with their cousins......I don't know if I should be angry at her for not telling me after she knew I had feelings for her,or to breeak down and cry since I haven't felt that way for a girl in a long time.......I loved her

now she's gone and I don't know what to do.........

I'm not sure what I'm feeling

2009-11-25 17:44:54 by TAUfanatic

Girls....they cause me a lot of problems

there's a girl I'm intersted in,we're friends, and I've been wanting to ask her out but she's been sad and she's had a lot going on lately,I feel like I'd be taking advantage of that and I don't want to take advantage of her
I hate not being around to help her,I really care about her and now its making me feel bad as a friend and well,for other obvious reasons...

Another thing, there's this girl I used to like from last year and I saw her alone the otehr day and so I started to talk to her,nothing wrong with that. My problem there is that while I was walking home yesterday I passed by her and her friend,usually she gets a ride home and her friend walks. As soon as I pass by her friend starts to walk home...and the girl that I used to like is still waiting for her ride home...I'm thinking she sent her friend to follow me or something

fuck I think I gave her false hope...

christ, I always wonder "why do I care so much about this stuff? I've never had a girlfriend and yet when there's someone I like I just can't let go and have to try my hardest to be with them..."

sometimes I want to just give up,but at the same time I can't....